Better Out Than In with Raymond Mearns & Bob Cochrane

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Raymond Mearns & Bob Cochrane in CamGlen Studio 1

Raymond Mearns & Bob Cochrane are both middle-aged, over-weight dudes who have been friends for almost 20 years.

Both grew up in Glasgow’s East End and met whilst both were salesmen in the Telecoms business.

It’s spooky, they are also divorced, not from each other, that’s just a recent thing! And each have grown up Kids.

You would never think it, when you listen to them, but they are also University Graduates!

Raymond and Bob also share a love of Football, although Bob is a Clyde supporter so he’s definitely the kinky one!

Raymond is a professional Stand-up Comedian working regularly across the UK, he also has numerous Film, TV and Radio credits.

Bob is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and works for a counselling agency in South Lanarkshire.

Together, they take a look at the sort of mental health issues that affect us all.

It’s a pretty honest approach they have, but the weight of the topic will be lightened by their willingness to laugh…

Follow them on Twitter: Raymond at @RaymondMearns and Bob at @BobCogBehave.

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