A Tribute to David Jackson


David Jackson

Here at CamGlen Radio we want to pay tribute to a local man, David Jackson who sadly passed away on the 3rd November 2020.

David had been a regular contributor to our local history show, Halfway to Burgh; The Two Towns Local History Show. David's passion for Rutherglen and his encyclopaedic knowledge of its history, particularly as it related to the people of the town, really come across in those programmes, making them a hugely valuable audio archive to be enjoyed by anyone interested in the history of the Royal Burgh today, and by future generations.

David was the 'go-to' man for any questions relating to Rutherglen's heritage, a living archive of the town's long history. A proud Ruglonian, and a well kent figure around the town, he will be greatly missed.

Here are some programmes which David contributed to:

Rutherglen in the 1950s -

J&J White Chemicals -

Going To The Pictures -