CamGlen's Radio's new young banter crew!

The Banter Crew are a group of young people brought together via the Young One's Youth Club (Whitlawburn) and the Burnhill Childrens Action Group. They've been working together over the past few months identifying similarities in each other and their communities. 

The idea for the project came about after the two youth groups expressed an interest in meeting young people from other communities.

The aim of the project was to increase awareness of their communities, enable them to take positive action on issues identified and also breakdown territorial-ism.

To complete their project the young people decided that 10 of the group members would create a radio show that would showcase all the work they've been doing whilst also demonstrating the new bonds and friendships created during the project.

Theone-off show was broadcast on Thursday 7th May, and the recording will soon be available via our Mixcloud page.